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    Temperature is the most important process variable in the Reheat Stretch Blow Moulding process, yet current measurement techniques are limiting opportunities to further control, optimise and improve processing ... UNTIL NOW!

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    With improved knowledge of the process, informed actions can be taken to troubleshoot problems, create innovative solutions and quality control the process .


    THERMOscan offers numerous opportunities, from process optimisation, evaluation of new materials, energy savings, reduced down-time to more robust knowledge driven design innovations.

    Think of the possibilities with this insight into your process!



Packed with hardware and software features, the THERMOscan system offers an easy to use experience and fast learning curve.

We believe the operator should focus on the core engineering duties while THERMOscan provides a powerful support for informed decisions.

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THERMOscan is a unique technology-rich tool that opens up many opportunities for knowledge, improvement and return.

From material producer to brand owner the entire PET bottle supply chain are benefiting from using this tool.

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The blowing process is very complex and in addition to the preform’s temperature other parameters are not to be ignored.

BMT is continuously looking at creating tools that improve the understanding of the SBM process and enable the industry to optimise their processes and products.

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